Project Status Report Template

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Tracking the status of a project is essential to finishing on time and on budget, but it is often a very complicated task. Fortunately with a little help from Excel and this project status report template, it can be quite a bit simpler. With this template from Microsoft, there is no more complicated setup or expensive programs, the template can and will keep track of everything you need so all of your information will be available at the click of a button in one easy to read output.

Probably the best benefit of this project status report template is just how easy it is to setup and use. It only takes a few seconds to get everything set up the way you want it and from there on out things are a piece of cake. The template is also free to download and free to use so it is definitely the cheapest tracking solution available on the market as well. It really is worth trying out if you are looking for a new or better way to keep track of your project status.

Using the Project Status Report Template

Using the project status report template is as easy as opening up a simple Excel file. Once you’ve got the template open you can begin putting in milestone data, budget data, cost data, schedule data, and anything else you plan on tracking. Changing the names or categories of each section is as easy as writing in a new title so don’t hesitate to make things fit your way of doing work.

Once you have put in all of the expected and actual data the project status report template will display an immediate status for the project as a whole, as well as each sub section. The entire thing is automated and as long as you update it with any progress it will always be correct.

The project status report template really is a great way to track projects without breaking the bank. It is incredibly easy to setup and use and as long as you keep giving it accurate data it will always display the correct status information and projections about the project’s future.

Download: Project Status Report Template

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