Spring Cleaning Template

It’s common for people to wait until the beginning of spring to clean the mess that’s been piling up over the last year. It makes sense after all; spring is a time of renewal. Now you can be prepared for the season of clean by downloading the free Spring Cleaning Template. This simple document gives you the freedom to enter all your cleaning tasks in one place. Instead of having a major cleaning job on your hand each year, you can keep your home neat and tidy the whole year through.

How to Use the Spring Cleaning Template

The first step is to download the file containing the template. The link to download the template is located below.

There is a section to enter your cleaning task, a section to mark when it is completed, and a section to leave notes. You will start in the middle by filling out all your necessary tasks.

For your convenience, the tasks will be separated by how often you’ll be performing them. Simply enter your daily tasks in the “Daily” section, your weekly tasks in the “Weekly” section, and so on.

When you complete a task, you will simply enter an “X” or something to indicate that is has been completed. You can either write this on a physical sheet after you print the document or keep everything digital; it’s completely up to you.

If you want to add any notes about particular chores, you may do so in the “Notes” section of the document. This will help you maximize efficiency. For example, if you want to save a chore for a certain day, you can just write the chore and enter the date beside it.

This template makes cleaning your home a snap with simple organization techniques.

Best Features of the Spring Cleaning Template

  • All your cleaning tasks fit on one page
  • Organized by Frequency
  • Printable

Download: Spring Cleaning Template

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