Cleaning Schedule Template

Keeping the home front clean has never been easier. You can use this helpful document to organize your daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores to make sure that each one gets completed in a timely manner. The Cleaning Schedule Template is a short and simple way to get down to business. Your home is your sanctuary and retreat from everyday life and you need to keep it clean to maintain a positive atmosphere. The Schedule Template just makes it fast and efficient to achieve.

Cleaning Schedule Template Guide

The main things you need to write for this template are just the tasks you need to keep your house clean. These will be broken down into separate sections based on how frequently you want to perform them.

Start at the very top of the template by entering the items you need to clean daily and write them in the cells below.

Continue filling out tasks for the weekly, monthly, and seasonal section as well. Each day make sure to complete your tasks and enter a check mark in the space to the left of that task in the “Done” column of the template.

If you want to leave yourself any notes, maybe you need to buy cleaning supplies to complete a task, you can write that in the “Notes” section.

You can choose to either print the document or simply keep it digital. To print the document press the File then Print (Home ribbon above).

Create and maintain that clean atmosphere that makes you proud to come home at the end of each workday, download the free Cleaning Schedule today.

Reasons to Use the Cleaning Schedule Template

  • Comes with plenty of examples to get you started
  • Helpful space to write and leave yourself notes
  • The template is completely printable

Download: Cleaning Schedule Template

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