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If you are planning on moving in the near future, consider making it a little easier with the moving house checklist for Excel. Trying to remember everything yourself can be very frustrating and most of the time you end up forgetting to do something. If you download the moving house checklist it will show you in detail certain things to do from six weeks before the move until 30 days after.

Still wondering if the moving house checklist is right for you? Consider a few things first. You are going to make lists on your own anyway. Why not have ones already made up for you and exactly when you need to do them?

Moving can be very expensive, but the checklist calculator is completely free! You will be saving paper and hand cramps. Maybe you think that it will be like some of today’s technology, completely beyond your realm of understanding? Absolutely not! It is very simple and completely customizable to suit your needs. It even allows you to keep track of things done and things you still need to do along with any notes you want to remember. It’s very easy to use and can be downloaded right here.

Using the Moving House Checklist

Here are some tips for using your checklist calculator:

Once you have downloaded it, look down through the list. You may see some items that you do not need, you can remove them. You may also know of a bit of extra things you need to do, just add them. It’s that easy. Completely customize your checklist to what YOU need it to be.

Once you have it all completed, be sure to actually check off the items completed so you will be able to see exactly what still needs to be done. If you have any notes to make with a particular item, it allows you to do that as well.

Once it is all done and over, you will see that this moving house checklist allowed you not to forget a thing!

Moving is never easy by any means, but with this moving house checklist for Excel, you can lower the stresses of forgetting something. It’s not just about packing up your house. It is so much more than that. Changing your electric, address at the post office, and even your cable location are just a few of the things not included in just simply packing your house up.

Do yourself a favor, when you know you are going to move and don’t know where to start? Look into the moving house calculator to do the remembering for you!

Download: Moving House Checklist

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