Camping Trip Planner

Camping Trip Planner Template

There is nothing worse than going on a camping trip without being prepared. A thorough knowledge of the campground is vitally important when selecting where to go and this camping trip planner makes campground selection and packing for the trip a breeze. It is a great way to compare different area campgrounds as well as provide a list of necessary items to pack. This camping trip planner has many spots to fill in information about different campgrounds then compare them side by side.

For instance, does the campground offer fishing, hiking, or a playground? There is also space to fill in the distance to the campground as well as nearby resources such as first aid or maps. Finally, there is plenty of space to include what to pack so you never again forget an item.

How to Use this Camping Trip Planner

  1. First, simply download the camping trip planner straight from this website and it will quickly be ready for use. Then open it up in Microsoft Excel and prepare to plan your trip.
  2. Next, customize the planner as desired. Add in all the information about the possible campgrounds, campground details, gear and resources. It is easy to fully customize this template to your unique camping trip.
  3. Finally, print out the planner and distribute it to all your fellow campers so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to which campground to choose as well as what sort of gear to pack.

Tips for Using this Camping Trip Planner

  • Decide what is important to you before selecting a campground. For instance, do you want to go somewhere that allows dogs or do you require first aid nearby because of children?
  • Involve everyone in the planning using this template. It is a great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page and involved in the planning process and it is a lot of fun for kids, too.
  • Search online to find generalized lists of what to bring camping then decide what type of gear you will need. There is nothing worse than getting to a campground then realizing you are missing something important.


Download: Camping Trip Planner

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