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Correspondence is a necessary part of any work place and it is imperative that your letters are consistent and professional. By utilizing the customizable, easy to use Professional Letterhead Template you can ensure that every piece of your correspondence presents you and your company’s brand in the best way possible.

This template can be customized with theme and color changes as well as your own logo. The template is free on this page and can be quickly downloaded to begin creating your own professional stationary. Follow these steps to complete the Professional Letterhead Template and start using it for all of your email, mail and fax correspondence.

How to Use the Professional Letterhead Template

Before filling out the available fields for the template, you will need to choose the theme that you will use. These are available on the left side of the page. Click on the themes to see them in the larger view and once you have chosen a theme, download the template free from this page. Once the template of your choice is downloaded, follow these simple steps to create your own letterhead.

  • First, fill in the field for the date of the correspondence. Remember that an accurate date will give you a referral point for any needed follow up in the future.
  • Second, complete the field for the recipients name, address, city, state and zip code. Again, make sure this information is accurate for use in future follow up.
  • Third, complete the field for your company name, street address, city, state, zip code, website, fax number, and email. This will help ensure return communication in whichever manner the recipient chooses.
  • Fourth, the Professional Letterhead Template will be customized by clicking on the “replace with logo” icon. Here you will be able to download your company’s logo so that you can maintain a consistent and personalized brand image for all of your correspondence.

Tips for Using the Professional Letterhead Template

  • Make sure you choose a theme that will properly represent the professional image that you want to portray in your correspondence. Choosing the proper theme and colors will support a consistent brand image.
  • When completing the fields, make sure to use consistent punctuation to ensure a professional appearance.
  • Be certain that all of the information on the letterhead is correct. This will help ensure that there are no delays in future communication with your recipient.

The simple steps needed to utilize the free, downloadable Professional Letterhead Template will help you and your company portray a professional, consistent, brand image.

Download: Professional Letterhead

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