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Businesses rely heavily on communication via paper and print or electronic and digital means. A formal business letter is something that is still very relevant and expected in many forms of formal communication, despite the trending tweeting and instant messaging forms of digital communication in recent times. Having a formal business letterhead template helps reinforces professionalism and seriousness in the highly competitive nature of business and the economy. Rather you’re a freelancer, small business owner of 20 employees, or a large corporation that employs thousands, this downloadable letterhead template will benefit your endeavors. This template makes creating a professional letter a no-brainer with a highly effective layout. Many times the format of communication can create a strong first impression or update an already existent one of a company and this influence should be positive if applicable.

How to Use the Letterhead Template Word Document

This easy and convenient letterhead template is quickly and easily available with an almost instant download of a file that is less than 50 kb. The template is available for free and features options for customization.

  • Despite the template having a universal layout, it allows consumers to personalize it with specific branding information. This customization gives a professional display that is available for free. Users can insert their company logo or emblem, contact information, and other data into appropriate fields and save for easy repeated use.
  • The basic set up can be left as is because this is a commonly accepted professional layout for a letterhead. Specific information pertaining to each letter can be later entered when each specific need arrives. Users can use this template for quick one sentence letters or in depth four page letters and everything in between and beyond.
  • In this modern age, the option to send communications via paper letters or digital communication is a decision to be made. If letters are to be sent via physical means, files should be saved, printed, and sent through the respective means.

This could be through the postal mail service or simply putting it in the cubbie hole of a colleague.

Tips for Using Letterhead Template Word Document

  • Fully benefit from the availability to personalize by proudly incorporating your business logo and specific information.
  • Along with this great letterhead template, ensure that the actual communication in each letter is professional and properly written.

Download: Letterhead Template

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