Sample Employee Termination Letter

Free Sample Employee Termination Letter

No matter how thorough hiring interview questions may be or how promising the background check, business owners may find themselves needing to dismiss an employee. Written notification by using this sample employee termination letter clarifies to the employee the reasons for the dismissal as well as affords some legal protection for the business owner.

Discharging an employee is never enjoyable. To facilitate the transition and save valuable time and resources, this user-friendly, free customizable sample employee termination letter is ready to download.

How to Use the Sample Employee Termination Letter

  • First, insert your personalized company name and address. Don’t forget to put in the owner name; this will be placed in the salutation, as well, for your convenience.
  • Second, enter your employee’s name and address. This name will be effortlessly placed in the greeting.
  • Third, using the handy calendar, choose the effective termination date.
  • Fourth, communicate the reasons why the employee is being terminated.
  • Fifth, utilizing the calendar, select the dates previous warnings were issued and the final date the employee was given to make amends.
  • Sixth, include the Human Resource contact as well as a time and date for final contact for an appeal.

Tips for Using the Sample Employee Termination Letter

  • Identify each performance issue at the time of occurrence. Issue date, written warnings previous to this sample employee termination letter and keep signed copies in the employee’s personnel file.
  • Be sure to detail the performance issues. Focus on the incident and not the employee. Be clear and concise.
  • In your final warning, include the steps needed to continue employment and record the date for completion. This date should be a reasonable time-frame to make amends.
  • Remember to send a copy to the employee’s manager.

Running a successful business means having quality, dependable employees. At times, and for various reasons, an employee may not be the right fit for your company. If this is the case, then it is in the best interest for you and your employee to terminate your business relationship. Use the sample employee termination letter to ease the transition and ensure you have fulfilled your trust.

Download: Sample Employee Termination Letter

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