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Free Employee Termination Letter

It is never an enjoyable experience to have to terminate an employee. Unfortunately, though, sometimes it is a necessary evil and part of the burden that comes with responsibility. Because terminating an employee must be done upholding the most professional and legal standards, it is a good idea to make sure your termination letter is as direct and clear, as possible. That is why using an “Employee Termination Letter” template is a good idea for any employer looking to terminate an employee in the proper manner.

The Standard Employee Termination Letter Template

An employee termination letter template can be downloaded here for free with the click of a button! Simply download your employee termination letter template and rest assured that your employee will be receiving a professional and standard termination letter. Often times, an employee will want to dispute or contest their employee termination letter. This template allows you to cite repeated warnings and definitive dates that can aid in supporting your claim as an employer than your employee did not uphold work standards and protocol.

Using Your Employee Termination Template

The template is formatted correctly so that your termination letter appears as clear and professionally developed, as possible. Simply input your name, company name and address, and the date as you would in any standard letter. Next, indicate to whom you will be sending the letter to, i.e. the recipient of the employee termination letter. Cite performance issues. These issues are in bullet point format. These bullet points should be as clear and concise, as possible. Don’t use these bullet points to explain, in depth, what the issues are. These issues should be further described in their personnel file. Instead, use the bullet points to briefly summarize the aforementioned issues. Cite dates of said offenses.

It is important to be as precise, as possible, when citing said instances because without specification the instances are easier to contest. After citing poor performance instances, there is a line within the template indicating a given date to contest the termination letter. At your discretion, indicate in what time frame your employee has to contest the termination.

Download your free easy-to-use Employee Termination Template, here, today!

Download: Employee Termination Letter

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