Pantry Inventory List

If you have a pantry in your home, the pantry inventory list an excellent tool for managing your family’s food storage and keeping you on budget. To get the absolute most out of your pantry, a pantry inventory list is key. To help you build your own pantry inventory list, a free downloadable template can be found on this page. Get it free here today!

How to Use the Pantry Inventory List

This pantry inventory list template is very easy to use and is totally customizable. When getting started, follow these simple tips and instructions:

  • Choose from shelf stable starches, such as rices, flaked potatoes, pearl barley and dried beans.
  • Make use of canned fruit and vegetables to be sure you are never out of healthy produce options, no matter the season.
  • Manage expiration dates by rotating new stock to the back of the pantry and older stock to the front to be used first. This will also help prevent the unnecessary purchase of redundant pantry inventory list items.
  • Ensure herbs and spices are stored in air tight containers and are kept in a cool, dark place to protect them from going stale and loosing their flavor.

No matter what your family’s specific dietary habits are, this pantry inventory list can be adapted to keep you on track, ensuring the your weekly menu doesn’t get too routine or too expensive. Building a comprehensive list will also save you large amounts of time because you will have all the items you need on hand, eliminating the need to rush out to buy last minute, forgotten supplies.

Since the recession, many families have been learning the benefits of effective food storage and organization. As our economy recovers, the habit of maintaining a comprehensive pantry inventory list will keep you on budget and help reduce weekly stresses of grocery shopping, since the only things you will have to buy frequently are fresh foods like dairy.

The free template on this page can be adjusted or changed to your needs as often as you like, so feel free to try new things and to explore new food storage options to maximize the great potential of your pantry.

Download: Pantry Inventory List

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