Inventory Management Excel

Inventory Management Excel Template

Many businesses must keep track of their equipment that has been assigned to employees. It can be relatively difficult and time-consuming to keep track of when these pieces of equipment were issued, to whom they were issued, and which pieces of equipment needs to be updated. Microsoft has created the Inventory Management Excel template to make the task easier and less time-consuming. The Inventory Management Excel template is specially made to be used for keeping track of specific equipment assigned to specific employees.

How to Use the Inventory Management Excel Template

  • Starting with the first row, fill in the equipment ID of the piece of assigned equipment.
  • Next, fill in the name of the assigned equipment. It could be a laptop, a printer, a chair, etc.
  • In the next row, fill out the name of the employee in which the equipment is assigned to.
  • Finally is the “Issue Date” row. This is for the day this piece of equipment was assigned to the employee. Fill this out next.

Tips for Using the Inventory Management Excel Template

  • The row on the far right marked “Age of Item” automatically calculates the number of days since the item was assigned, so there is no need to fill in this row.
  • On the top right of the Inventory Management Excel template are options on whether or not to highlight items older than one month, three months, or one year. This can be great for deciding which employees to assign new, updated equipment.
  • At the top of each row is a small box with an arrow in it. This can be used to organize your list in certain ways. For example, if you want to see which employees had their equipment the longest, you can click on the small boxed arrow in the “Age of Item” row.

The Inventory Management Excel template from Microsoft is free, easy to use, and can be downloaded on this page. Download this template today to keep track of all of the assigned equipment of the business.

Download: Inventory Management Excel

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