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Free Equipment Inventory List

If you are looking to establish an equipment inventory list for your business, it is important to do so in a professional, efficient and thorough manner. Instead of trying to create this chart yourself, which could take valuable hours of your time, it is best to download the Excel template. Our equipment inventory list template is free to download, very easy to use, fully customizable, and saves you a lot of time and effort that you can focus on running your business.

How to Use the Equipment Inventory List Template

This equipment inventory list template works on Microsoft Excel 2007 or later versions. In order to use the template, you must download it from our site, open it in Excel, and customize the template to suit your needs. You may want to start by adding your company’s name and logo to the top corner of the template. The colors can also be changed to reflect your company colors. After that is done, the template will look tailor made for your business.

The equipment inventory list template is thorough and very easy to use. We understand how complex recording equipment inventory can be. For this reason, the equipment inventory list has separate sections for Asset/Serial Numbers, Description of the Item, where the item is stored, what the condition is, and from whom it was purchased. In addition, there are sections for the item’s age, value when purchased, amount of down payment, when it was purchased, and how much is still owed on the equipment.

There are also columns for the Interest Rate, Monthly Fee, equipment operating costs, total cost per month, depreciation, and the current value of the item. This makes it very easy for you to look at all the inventory that your business is using, and what each item is costing you. Creating this inventory list will also help when you are thinking about yearly upgrades to certain items. The list will give a clear indication about the oldest equipment, and the ones that can generate returns through a sale.

Download this equipment inventory list instead of going through the painful effort of trying to create your own. This list is tailor made for any business that uses expensive equipment, and can be completely customized to suit your needs.

Download: Equipment Inventory List

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