Holiday Travel Workbook

Do you want to get away this holiday season? For some, traveling is the most exciting party of a holiday vacation or trip. However, you don’t want to leave behind something important before you head out. The Holiday Travel Workbook is a great template for helping you organize all your items and pack them safely in your luggage before you begin your holiday trip! Fun and effective, this Travel Workbook provides you with the opportunity to create a comprehensive item checklist and gives you a convenient percentage bar to illustrate when your packing is complete. Nothing is better than having peace of mind as you begin your travels. Let this Holiday Travel Workbook guide you to an amazing vacation this holiday season!

Holiday Travel Budget Calendar Guide

You can start to customize your document and enter your own personal items, once open. Go through the “Item” column and enter everything you need to enjoy your trip to the fullest extent.

The “Category” column provides you with a way to better organize your items. Simply click on the drop-down arrow in each cell and select the category in which your items fall. The best way to utilize this section is to assign different cases certain titles, such as the “Bathroom Bag”, then you know a particular item is in that bag.

The next section is where you can enter the quantity of your item, in case you need to bring extra amounts of something.

Finally, the “Packed” column is a section to verify that the item has been neatly stored away inside your luggage. Simply enter a “1” so that you know it’s been packed.

The percentage bar to the right will calculate the total number of items and the total number of checkmarks and give you a percentage of completion for all your packing.

Don’t be left in the dark, have everything you need when you need it this holiday season!

Best Features of the Holiday Travel Workbook

  • Percentage bar displays your packing completion
  • Separate categories for better organization
  • Easily customizable to suit any of your items

Don’t leave out a single item with this holiday trip packing list!

Download: Holiday Travel Workbook

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