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Free Election Sign Template

Advertisement is one of the most important parts of any election. You can use this election sign template available here to save you time when preparing to hit the streets. It is very simple to use and you will done with it in no time. Here is a quick run down of what you have to do to it and a couple of tips to help you get more votes.

How to Use the Election Sign Template

After you download the file and open it, any software that is compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 will bring up the template for you. You can simply select the name BOB GAGE with a right click and select Edit Text. The can then adjust the Font, Size, and whether the text is bold or italic. When you have entered your name click Okay and the document will update. Your election sign template is ready to use unless you want to make further adjustments to it as well.

Tips for Using the Election Sign Template

The color of blue is generally saved for one party while the other is red. If you would like a red version of this sign to use, it is not that hard to do. The first step is getting the whole sign in the viewing area of your screen. Once it is there, press the print screen button on your keyboard. Open up your favorite photo editor and paste the contents of the clipboard. Here you can adjust the color, add more pictures, and adjust to total size of the document. You will need to delete the outer parts of the source but it will work perfectly. You can even blow this up to the size of a billboard if you like and add a picture of your smiling face to it. The more people recognize your face and your name the more likely they are to vote for you when they go to the poles.

This election sign template is perfect for a quick and easy start to your own design. Enjoy this download we have available to you here and good luck on election day.

Download: Election Sign Template

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