Birthday Gift Coupons

Free Birthday Gift Coupons

Create a new birthday tradition from the heart by giving birthday gift coupons. This easy to use and customizable template offers 20 3.5 x 2 inch premade personalized coupons. Perforated edges are visible to make cutting precise. Design funny or heartfelt coupons for friends and loved ones; watch them glow from the generosity extended to them. This template is free to download.

How to Use the Birthday Gift Coupons Template

  • Personalize the birthday gift coupons through changing the theme and the redeemable prize by customizing them to fit the recipient.
  • Change the borders. If the default borders are not a right pick, customize them with an alternate color scheme. Click on the page design tab in the upper screen menu. Under the schemes section multiple color pallets are available. Run the cursor over any pallet to see a preview of the new borders from that color scheme, and then select the desire theme.
  • Change the text. Within the text box of each coupon, select the line of text that needs adjusting. Change the name of to whom the coupon is for and from, the date of the birthday, and the task or offer extended. Each coupon will have to be individually changed.
  • Change the font. Within the home tab is a section for the font, select the desired font type, text size, and color. To highlight the text that needs to change, move the cursor to the beginning of the word, or line. Left click and drag the mouse as it highlights the text. Then format the font as needed.

Tips for Using the Birthday Gift Coupons Template

  • If 20 coupons are too many, right click the second page, in the navigation pane, and select delete.
  • To add more coupons, right click any page in the navigation pane and select insert page. When prompted, select the following options as necessary.
  • To save time, customize only one page of the coupons. Right click that page in the navigation pane and select insert duplicate page. This will provide an exact replica of the customized page.


Giving birthday gift coupons not only signifies a significant amount of thought that went into designing a present, but also identifies how much one knows the recipient as well.

Download: Birthday Gift Coupons

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