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Struggles with finances never seem to end for your family. Even when you think everything is sorted out, a nasty financial surprise comes along. Instead of perpetually struggling with these monetary challenges, use a family budget template to get you back on track and to save money each month. This template will allow you to track both income and expenses for multiple family members.

How to Use the Family Budget Template

Using the family budget is easy if you have Microsoft Excel; all you need to do is download the tool. On the family budget template, you will see categories for available cash, amount of income and monthly expenses. You can add in more than one person to the income column so that you can account for anyone in the family who has a job. At the bottom, you will see tallies of the total income amounts.

This family budget template is kind to your wallet in and of itself since it is free. You can also customize it to fit the specific income and expense demands and needs of your family. All you need to do is download it right here, and you can start to use this easy template to better track your finances today.

Tips for Using the Family Budget Template

Once the template is downloaded to your computer for free, you can start to harness its power. Employing some tips will help you to get optimal usage out of the family budget template.

  • Either track your income after taxes, or add a separate expense line for taxes. Failure to do so will give you inaccurate results.
  • Include all income from your household, even that of teenager workers.
  • Do not forget about any expenses.
  • Include a budget line for entertainment.
  • Allocate a certain amount of entertainment money to each person in the house whether it is through an allowance or other means.
  • Update your template as the needs and circumstances of your family change and grow.

Using a family budget template to stay organized can make a huge difference in your financial life.

Download: Family Budget Template

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