Credit Card Use Log

Free Credit Card Use Log

Are you ready to systematize your credit card balance and purchases? Our credit card use log template is a great and easy way to keep track of your credit card accounts. This template can even be used for your bank account. This log is a convenient method to use to reconcile with your monthly billing statement.

Organize Credit Card Balance and Purchases with Credit Card Use Log

The credit card use log allows you to keep track of all your purchases. It is formatted so you can easily key in the purchase date, description, amount charged, merchant name, transaction fees, and balance. This template can be downloaded for free on this page. Furthermore, this template is customizable and you can use it for multiple accounts. You can easily keep track of multiple accounts by labeling each log with the specific credit card name or bank account.

Go ahead and take advantage of this free, easy to use template and get organized today! You can download the template here today!.

How to Use the Credit Card Use Log

  • First, start customizing your credit card log by adding the credit card name to the template.
  • Then, you can start adding your purchase information. Generally, it is easiest to start with the date of the purchase, then the description, followed by the amount, store name, and transaction fees, if applicable.
  • When you log negative amounts such as credits, you will need to put parentheses around the payment amount, so it appears as a credit. The credit will appear in red font and it will be deducted from the account balance.

Tips for Using Credit Card Use Log

  • In order to avoid falling behind in logging your purchases, it is recommended that you log your purchases regularly, especially if you have multiple accounts.
  • A great feature of this template is that it automatically calculates your balance as you enter in your purchases and payments. We have formatted the template to make it as easy as possible for you.
  • It is important to note, that the balance does not include the interest fees that may be associated with your credit card accounts.

Download: Credit Card Use Log

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