Monthly Meal Planner Template

Monthly Meal Planner Template from

According to a fairly recent Gallup poll, although a significant portion of Americans (six in 10) have flirted with the notion of losing weight, only about 27 percent of are actually attempting to control their actual potion sizes and maintain a healthy eating regimen.

So where are those extra four in ten well-intended Americans falling astray? Although critics can place the blame on fast food restaurants all they please, it’s pretty safe to assume that a flailing sense of willpower might have something to do with it.

Although most adults start their weight-loss routines with a certain amount of enthusiasm, after a couple weeks of mismatched dieting, those routines tend to fade away. Whether you attribute it to too high of weight-loss standards or depleted energy, the kinds of goals individuals are making in their weight loss efforts are either too vague, or too determined.

But with the Monthly Meal Planner Template from, managing caloric intake can be achieved through a single, simple, and easy-to-maneuver vehicle.

Monthly Meal Planner Template

Using the Monthly Meal Planner Template to Manage Your Munching

Of all the major mistakes most dieters tend to make in their initial weight-loss stage, caloric dishonesty and food omitting tends to rank the highest.

But with the Monthly Meal Planner Template from, dieters can log, track and plan every breakfast, lunch and dinner – minus the hassle of a disorganized, handwritten plan.

And what’s best, the Monthly Meal Planner Template leaves little room for variation or interpretation. All snacks, meals and deserts must be logged succinctly and accordingly – any straying from your meal planning will likely be glaring.

Tips for Implementing a Healthy, Nutritious Diet into Your Lifestyle

  • Record every little piece of food you intake. The more you leave out, the less you’ll account for, and the less weight you’ll actually lose.
  • Try to make as many home-cooked meals as possible. It’s a simple way to manage your caloric intake. Rule of thumb for eating out: Don’t opt for any restaurant without a nutrition menu.
  • Stay away from anything processed, packaged or unnaturally white. Better yet, opt for fresh produce, lean meats and whole grains.

Download: Monthly Meal Planner Template

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