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biggest loser spreadsheet

biggest loser spreadsheetAs one of the most popular reality shows in television history, The Biggest Loser has done well to captivate and inspire both the general population, and aspiring weight-losers across the nation.

According to The Function Critic, the show has amassed a whopping 6.3 million viewers for its most recent season.

And its fan base multiplying by the month – Loser has increased its viewership by 19 percent from its first half-hour to its fourth. These numbers tie reality TV program for Monday night’s major network #2 spot.

Although the premise may seem a bit overplayed amidst all the similar – and predictable – shows it competes with, Loser’s popularity has stemmed from an increased sense  “realism”. In other words, viewers are drawn to the show’s naturally dramatic premise, with real bodies – and emotions – experiencing enormous levels of turmoil, struggle and achievement.

But of all the show’s biggest successes, Loser‘s ability to inspire a nation may be the most impressive. Since the show picked up speed within the past few years, miniature versions of the weight-loss regimen have popped up in gyms, clubs and workplaces across the country.

In light of the show’s tremendous popularity, has created the Biggest Loser Spreadsheet, a downloadable, free interface for keeping track of your personal weight loss goals.

How the Biggest Loser Spreadsheet Can Inspire Success

With the Biggest Loser Spreadsheet, users can effectively:

  • Track their individual weights through a series of weigh-ins. These recordings mimic the kinds of weigh-ins found on Loser.
  • Set future goals – and stick with themThe Biggest Loser is defined by a series of substantial, but impressive, goals. Plan your best path for achieving an optimal weight.

Tips for Achieving Your Individual Weight-Loss Goals

  • Never begin a substantial weight-loss routine without a doctor’s O.K. beforehand. This is especially true if you are substantially overweight, or burdened by various other health issues.
  • Mark your goals – and stick to them. Staying true to your weight-loss regimen can’t be stressed enough. Deviating from your plan will only result in frustration, and gained weight.
  • Get by with a little help from your friends. No one said that weight loss had to be an autonomous feat. Consider enlisting the help, or partnership, with a close friend or family member to keep you inspired.

Download: Biggest Loser Spreadsheet

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