Cholesterol Levels Tracker

Whether it’s too high or too low, when it comes to cholesterol, you need to keep an eye on your levels over time so you can identify a consistent problem with your health. The free Cholesterol Levels Tracker is a way for you to track your cholesterol each and every day. This free template document takes all the bells and whistles that are unnecessary out of the equation to make your life easier. All you need to do is enter the information required by the template to have your own running Cholesterol Levels Tracker. If you’re ready to give this free template a try, simply follow the instructions conveniently provided at the bottom of this page.

Using the Cholesterol Levels Tracker

To download, simply follow the link given at the bottom of this page.

Next, you will probably want to either print this sheet or fill it in by hand. In either case, start by deleting all the example dates in the column. To delete or change something, just highlight the text with your mouse then press the “backspace” button your computer.

If you want to start by printing the template, scroll to the top of the page and select “File” then “Print” and select your printing options from the menu that will appear.

If you want to keep everything digital then print at the end, come back to the step above later on.

Begin by filling in the day and date columns with the current month’s information. When you test your cholesterol levels, just write down the day, date, levels HDL, LDL, TRIGLYCERIDES, and any notes that you may have about a certain day like the types of foods you ate if your levels or out of the norm.

When you have compiled a month’s worth of data, you can create a new page and begin the cycle over again.

The benefit of having this information is the ability to provide your doctor with the information they need to help you in turn.

Download: Cholesterol Levels Tracker

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