Calorie Counter Template

Calorie Counter Template

Most people have aspirations of getting in shape for the summertime. It’s only natural, but as we all know it can be hard to stick with a certain diet all year round. The problem is with motivation and organization. The lack of these two elements is a diet and exercise killer and you need a way to gain both before you stick with a diet. The free Calorie Counter Template gives you the power to put your diet on an organized schedule so you always have what you need to plan the meals you love ahead of time and eat right all the time.

Using the Calorie Counter Template

To download the free Calorie Template, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Next, you need to build you own running list of healthy, but delicious foods. The “Food Table” tab at the bottom of the page.

This is where you will create your own list of foods that you know and love, more importantly, a list of reliable foods that you have already counted the calories for.

The foods that you enter in the list above will allow you to enter meals into your daily schedule on the next page over.
Now, go to the “Calories Counter” tab. Each day, or the night prior, you will craft a perfectly tailored food schedule for the day. Just use the drop-down menus to create a list.

You will first need to create a diet, based on calories, that you want to stick to, but after you can use this free tool to make sure you’re eating the right amount of calories from day-to-day.

This template makes dieting simple and easy.

Reasons to Use the Calorie Counter Template

  • Keeps a running list of your favorite foods.
  • Calculates calorie totals for your daily meals.
  • Easy to customize for your needs.

Download: Calorie Counter Template

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