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How often do you find yourself doing things that you or your friends would consider out of your normal character? Does it feel as though it’s about once a month? For example, maybe you’re typically a sensible and logic driven person, but occasionally you make snap decisions based on emotions. If you’ve experienced any of the above phenomena, it may have been due to one or more of your biorhythms being at or near their lowest point in your bio-rhythmic cycle. Download the biorhythm chart you see here and let it help guide you along life’s path.

Just knowing when you will be high or low on your physical, emotional or intellectual cycle may help you make the best life decision, or it may help you avoid making life altering choices until you are in a clearer state of mind.

Using a biorythm chart

Though in some scientific circles bio-rhythmic charting is considered a pseudoscience, there are many psychics and even some physicians who believe that our physical, emotional and intellectual cycles impact our everyday lives. Why not give this biorythm chart a chance and see if the theory holds true for your life?

Download it today and you’ll begin to learn how our physical cycle rises and falls every 23 days, our emotional cycle every 28 days, and our intellectual cycle ebbs and flows every 33 days beginning on the day of our birth.

Use this chart to review your past decisions and compare them to where the applicable cycle fell on the chart at the time or do your own personal experiment in the future. For either of the choices listed above, the excel template presented here is a fantastic tool to aid you in charting your personal bio-rhythmic cycles, thus allowing you to excel in all areas of your life.
Download it today!


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