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Free Wine Label Template

Whether you are a professional winery and are looking to distribute your goods, or if you are just at home making your own wine, looking to package a few bottles and keep it looking professional, it is important to have a wine label. There is a good deal of information that goes onto the wine label, and with this information you can explain to anyone looking at the bottle everything they need to know, without having to ask someone else, look it up online or even taste it. Of course, knowing where to place all of this information and how to keep it looking neat and organized is difficult, which is exactly why you need to consider downloading the wine label template.

The wine label template is going to guide you along the way of designing the label and is going to make sure you are always looking professional, no matter what kind of wine you are making or how much wine you are producing.

Why Use A Wine Label Template

There is all sorts of information you probably want to place on the wine bottle. For starters, there is the title of the wine and the name of the winery that produced the bottle of wine. On top of this, you want to include the date the wine was made and also the kind of wine you made. This is the basic information, but there are other details you might want to include on the wine bottle, all of which you can, with the help of the wine label template.

For starters, you might want to include the region your wine is produced (such as California, Australia, Italy, etc.), or you might want to have a short description of the wine and what kind of flavor notes it contains. On top of this, you can include the size of the bottle and the alcohol by volume percentage.

Having a professional looking wine label is very important, especially if you are looking to sell your wine to the public. However, designing a wine label is often challenging, not to mention it costs a good deal of money to go out and find a graphic designer to produce the wine label. This is exactly why you need to consider downloading and using the wine label template. This template is going to have all of the available space and walk you through the creation process.

Download: Wine Label Template

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