Printable Rent Receipt

Printable Rent Receipt Template

Keeping a rent receipt is a vital way of keeping track of payment details received from tenants. This can be used as a legal document to help show when items were paid, how much, etc. This Printable Rent Receipt template can help take the worries off your shoulders by providing with you the ability easily download and use at your leisure. In addition this Printable Rent Receipt template is:

  1. Available for free on this page
  2. Customizable can be changed at any time
  3. Easy-to-use, downloadable from the site

Using the Microsoft Printable Rent Receipt Template

This Printable Rent Receipt template provides proof of a tenant’s rent payment and helps protects all parties as a valuable documentation of leasing agreements. With proper documentation, one can ensure and feel comfortable knowing that they are protected. Moreover, a Printable Rent Receipt allows you to:

  • Know that all parties are in agreements with contracts, lease and terms
  • Can be used as a legal document in court
  • Tracks when payments are made, by whom, and on what date they are made

You will find the following fields on the printable rent receipt template:

  • Receipt Description: In this space, indicate the description of the payment (i.e. Rent, Mortgage etc.)
  • No: In this space indicate the number of payments (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so forth)
  • Company Name and Address: This space is customizable; in this space provide the name and address of your company/landlord/business.
  • Payer Name and Address: Also customizable; in this space provide the name and address of tenant(s)
  • Date: In this space, record the date the payment was made and the amount that was made. Describe the payment (i.e cash, money order, check etc)

The Printable Rent Receipt template is easy to use and quite handy. You can feel safe knowing that this customizable printable rent receipt will protect your business and your tenants. It may be easy to simply type tenant information, save each document and write in information while in person with a tenant.

Cash receipt books can range anywhere from $8 dollars to $30 depending on one’s preference. Simply downloading this template for free can save you money along the way.

Download: Printable Rent Receipt

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