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A company’s HR (Human Resource) Department oversees the key organizational functions. Their role involves several tasks, including employee recruitment and training. Admittedly, this operation is usually time-consuming and involve a high volume of manual labor. For this reason, HR managers need to use Printable Job Application e-forms. You can get the printable job application form absolutely free on this page. Continue reading below to learn how to use the form.

The Web-Friendly, Printable Job Application Template

The template is absolutely free to download. In addition, users can reuse the original file to create as many copies as they need. This offers quick processing of web application forms. Consequently, such an implementation can tremendously decrease the workload that the HRM (Human-Resource Management) team has to undertake. The document already includes the relevant sections to collect each applicant’s personal data. Some examples of these categories are references, education, work experiences and others.

It is exclusively customizable and allow applicants to enter their information easily. Additionally, it is a professional-looking form that includes separate sections to insert an organization’s official logo and name. This compressed file is compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Word and earlier releases, not out-dating 2007.

How to Customize the Printable Job Application Template

  • First of all, download the original template.
  • The next step is to open the document in MS (Microsoft) Word and edit it as necessary. Be sure to make all applicable changes to file as deemed fit, including a logo and the company brand.
  • Lastly, save the edited copy to have it embedded in the preferred website.

Printable Job Application Template Creation Tips

  • When saving the document, remember to use the correct format. This is to make sure that compatible versions of MS Word will read the file.
  • Another all-important note to users is that they spend enough time to revise the completed applications, before printing them. This is to make sure that all applicants fill out the forms correctly.

A Printable Job Application Template is extremely useful. It is a product that suits all classes of organizations, be it home-based, corporate or regional. This innovation eases the minds of both applicants and the heads of organizations.

Download: Printable Job Application

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