Packing Slip Template

The Packing Slip Template

Providing shipment details to recipients in the form of a package slip is an expected courtesy. It also allows you to keep an organized record of your shipments. Whether you ship products often or every once in a while, it is convenient to use this packing slip template.

How to Use Packing Slip Template

The packing slip template is an Excel document that is completely free to use and is downloadable here on the page. When completing your packing slip template, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Enter in the current date on the upper right hand side under in the place provided.
  • Fill in the complete address and contact information of your company (where the package is being shipped from) in the spaces provided.
  • Input the correct date the order was placed, the order number, and the purchase order identification respectively in the spaces provided.
  • Continue to fill out the type of customer contact and the customer account number, if applicable, in the corresponding spaces.
  • To the right of all the previous information entered are spaces to enter the shipping address and the billing address.
  • In the table below, a record of each product and its description should be entered, along with the unit type, order quantity, and shipping quantity across the row. The bottom of the table will add up and give you an accurate total the order and shipping qualities for you.
  • There is a comment section under the table to allow you make any notes.
  • Under the comment section, there’s a space for you to provide a customer service number.


Tips for Using the Packing Slip Template

  • Record each product in the order in which it was placed.
  • The shipping and billing addresses may be the same. If that is the case, you could type in “same as shipping address” or simply copy and paste the shipping address in the space provided for the billing address.
  • Because the template is customizable, feel free to change the table headings or other wording. You can also customize your template by choosing a different font style or changing the color.


Download: Packing Slip Template

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