Employee Exit Interview Template

Free Employee Exit Interview Template

An employee exit interview template is a document that is sometimes given to an employee that is planning to leave a company and details their decision to do so. Not all companies choose to hold exit interviews, but it can be very helpful to document an employee’s experience working for the company so that employers can see what the employee liked or disliked about working for them, and then they can make the workplace better for future employees.

The questions on the employee exit interview template could be asked verbally by a manager or supervisor who fills in the fields as the employee answers them, or the form could simply be given to the employee to fill out on their own and then turned into their supervisor or human resources department upon completion.

How to Use An Employee Exit Interview Template

The template is free to download, and you can add your own customizations to it later. Here are a few things you should do to the document.

  • First of all, you should provide a set of instructions at the top telling the employee how to answer the questions. Then tell the employee what each choice means. It’s important to stress to the employee that all questions should be answered completely and as accurately as possible.
  • You need to change the “choose an item” field of the template and fill it in with boxes that the employee checks for their answer, or with a Y / N that can be circled for questions that are yes or no questions.
  • For items that require the employee to enter a lengthy description of their experience in a certain area of employment, make sure that you provide enough lines with spaces for them to do so.

Tips For Using An Employee Exit Interview Template

  • The best way to format the choices is to have the choices labeled strongly disagree, disagree, agree, and strongly disagree listed in that order for each item. You could also add in neutral as a middle choice, and not applicable as a final choice if you deem such choices appropriate.
  • If you wanted to, you could add an additional section to the employee exit interview template where the employer can provide feedback to the employee about what they thought about the employee’s performance and suggest areas in which the employee could improve as a worker.

Download: Employee Exit Interview Template

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