Excel Tax Return Workpapers Preparation Template

Excel Tax Return Workpapers Preparation Template

Doing taxes is not usually a fun or enjoyable proposition for anyone. For most, any type of tool to make the tax preparation process a little easier is most welcome. An Excel tax return workpapers preparation template can help make the process of doing taxes a little less painful. In addition, the template is available for instant download and is 100% complimentary.

Excel Tax Return Workpapers Preparation Template

The top of the year-end tax plan template has spaced reserved for your name or the name of the person you are preparing the worksheet for. There is also a space to mark down the date the worksheet has been prepared.

The tax plan template is broken down into three major categories:

  • Gross Income
  • Adjustments to Gross Income
  • Allowable Itemized Deductions

Within each of the major categories is a checklist of sub-categories. For example, within the Gross Income category are the sub-categories taxable wages/salaries, taxable dividends and interest, net business income (loss), net capital gain (loss), net rent income (loss), net partnership income (allowable loss), and other income (loss). You will input financial figures within each sub-category to determine your adjusted gross income.

For Adjustments to Gross Income, the sub-categories are alimony paid, IRA payments, Keogh plan payments, other adjustments, total adjustments. There are over 15 sub-categories in the Allowable Itemized Deductions section, including medical, taxes, mortgage interest paid, charitable contributions, casualty and theft losses and unreimbursed moving expenses.

The template will automatically calculate the financial figures once the information has been put in. These figures should make filling out the proper tax forms quicker and easier than ever before. The worksheet is also printable, so you can keep a copy in a safe place along with the copy you save on the computer.

The Excel tax return workpapers preparation template is just one of items available on this site to help you with your taxes. There are also a variety of tax calculators and spreadsheets aimed at helping you get through the tax process quickly and efficiently.

Download: Excel Tax Return Workpapers Preparation Template

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