Small Business Expense Sheet

screenshot of the small business expense sheet

A small business expense sheet is a professionally designed template geared towards helping small businesses in keeping track of how their businesses are performing. The template is customized in Excel is 100% free. It is also very easy to use for both novices and professionals.

A small business expense sheet is highly importance for anyone working in or running a business. This is because through the use of the expense sheet, one can easily keep updated on the progress their business is making and also enable them be in a position to predict it’s future performance.

The very same expense sheets can be used in valuing a business and in determining how worth it possibly is. They, therefore, are a must have for accountants working in small business environments where close analysis on mostly the financial and procurement statements have to be entered as a way of ensuring that the business is on track.

How to Use the Small Business Expense Sheet

  • After the download, you can choose to customize the small business expense sheet by first renaming the sheet and then entering the company name on the title of the charts.
  • Simply fill in the business expenses per each and every month as shown in the sheet. In case you want to analyze the trend of your business for a much longer period of time, presumably for over a year, you can customize it by adding more rows. The same applies if you want have more than 5 expenses per month, as included in the expense sheet.

Tips For Using the Small Business Expense Sheet

  • After downloading the small business expense sheet, make sure that you save it under your business files as well as on an external drive for back up.
  • Start by filling in the expenses of the previous months so that you can have more concrete data to use when tracking your business has been performing.
  • Frequently fill in expenses that may come forth as the year progresses. This is because if you choose to postpone, some of the very important data may go missing thereby making you not be in control of your business. Moreover, with the right data, it will be much easier for auditors to audit your business.
  • Constantly refer back to your expense trends either by the month or year whenever you are on the verge of making an important business decision.

Download: Small Business Expense Sheet

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