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Web Analytics


When you utilize internet marketing strategies such as social media, email marketing, and affiliate marketing, you are using the worldwide web to attract new customers, keep existing customers attracted to your product or service, and generate revenue. Web analytics is the methodological examination of data surrounding your web marketing strategies to make decisions to further attract and maintain customers.

The web analytics benefit calculator is a highly valuable tool to measure the cost effectiveness and numerically display the potential success of your on-line advertising strategies for business clients. It is also beneficial in determining and visually seeing the benefits a particular internet marketing agency can provide to further expand your business.

Using The Web Analytics Benefit Calculator

This template is self-explanatory and data can be input by even a novice Excel user after downloading. It is also great for those without an extensive background in financials but vastly experienced in marketing and presentations. Use the data generated to create powerful proposals.

If you don’t know where to begin in professionally presenting the benefits of your organization to current and future clients, the easy flow and setup of the web analytics benefit calculator will leave you feeling like an expert in the field. This setup also provides an understandable format, for your clients, to support presentation graphics and data given.

Follow the on-screen instructions to place the correct values as it pertains to your organization and the individual client. You are guided through entering the appropriate budget, visitor, and profit data to drive the correct final numbers. The cost-effectiveness of your company is measured in the new sales per month generated, reduction in advertising cost, and profit generated from new sales. It will also create a means to view both yearly and monthly cost to the organization applying the new strategy.


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