Promotional Budget Template

Free Promotions Budget Template

If you are looking for ways to plan out your promotional efforts for several months to follow, the best way to do that is with a Promotional Budget Template. This template will allow you to plan up to the next twelve months to see how well the process has been going. Download and save the promotional budget template from Microsoft for free right here today!

How to Use the Promotional Budget Template

  • You will need to enter the promotional efforts stats by each quarter. This will give you a total of four quarters which equals one year.
  • First, you are going to enter in information regarding your Trade Promotions to Distributors.
  • Next, you will enter information regarding Trade Shows for each quarter.
  • Then, you will enter information regarding the Sales Force Promotions.
  • Finally, you will enter in any Other type of promotional efforts you had.
  • The bottom section will allow you to enter in all of your totals. This will provide you with your promotional total budget that you spent for each quarter and for the entire year.

Tips for Using the Promotional Budget Template

  • You can change up the way that you want your promotional efforts to be listed. This can give you a better idea of which promotions worked best and which ones didn’t.
  • If you do not want to do every quarter, you can change it up for just a few months at a time. This way, you can enter one final report for the entire year. This will allow to see what was done on a monthly basis.
  • You can edit or create the Promotional Budget Template to fit your needs best and to help you create better record-keeping.

The Promotional Budget Template available on this page is absolutely free to you. It can be downloaded right from this site. The template is easy to use and is 100-percent customizable. Since the template is free, be sure to download it now to try it out. This template can help you stay organized and keep track of all your promotional funds for future budgeting purposes.

Download: Promotional Budget Template

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