Printable Weekly Food Journal

free printable weekly food journal

free printable weekly food journalThe printable weekly food journal is an easy way to keep track of every calorie you eat. Each day of the week is divided into its own section or page. This organized template is already made for you. All you need to provide are the details.

Just fill out the details in the correct columns and save your work. There’s enough space on the template to add your current weight, calories, meals, fat intake, exercise activity and exchange for every day of the week.

Plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks down to the date, time and how much to consume. Add the emotion you felt when you ate the food. Customize this chart to your liking.

That’s what’s makes this food journal so beneficial. Along with ease of use it’s also convenient. There’s no need to make another one when you can either erase the current one and start over or download another template to use.

After the week is filled out completely print the template. The hard copy printout will help you achieve your goal of losing weight or keeping the weight off. It’s not called ‘printable weekly food journal’ for nothing. Making a food chart from scratch is difficult–almost to the point where you give up on the idea altogether.

This template makes counting calories easier. This leads into another benefit: it’s easy to add, delete and maintain this chart with Excel.

The purpose of the chart is to see what you are doing in detail. The plan is to see which habits are becoming patterns. The goal is to stop it for good and to get a better handle on your food choices. For this food journal to be a success it’s important to be detailed, honest, fill it out every day, and fill out any changes during the day.

Download: printable-blank-weekly-food-journal

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