Eating Allergy Checklist

If you’re a parent that constantly worries about their child who has frequent allergic reactions when they go places for extended periods of time, then the Eating Allergy Checklist is for you. It can be nerve-racking to wonder if your child will be okay during a school trip or staying the night at a friend’s house. However, you have to let them enjoy and experience life as they get older. This simple allergy checklist allows you to provide other caretakers the information you have engraved into your memory. This document gives you a list of symptoms and causes that you will simply check off if your child is allergic. This lets the caretaker know that they may be having an allergic reaction to something they ate or touched.

Using the Eating Allergy Checklist

To download the free Eating Allergy Checklist to your computer, just follow the link below.

You will see all the causes of your child’s allergies displayed to the left in the first column. Under each category is a list of common examples associated with it. Under “Foods,” for example, shellfish is listed as something your child is allergic to.

You will need to go through and change any of the examples and categories above to ones that are specifically for your own child.

To change an item, click on the cell and begin writing a new item into the list.

At the top of your screen, you’ll see all the symptoms associated with allergies. Again, you can change any of the symptoms if you don’t see one that your child frequently experiences.

Now, under one of your child’s allergies, move over to the symptom your child has for that allergy and enter a checkmark in the corresponding box.

As an example, if your child is allergic to and eats shellfish, the person looking after them would look at this chart and see that they experience swelling and hardness of breath. They would then understand what is happening and take the necessary steps to get them help.

You can rest easy knowing your child’s getting the attention they need for their allergies, download this allergy checklist to create your own customized allergy chart.

Download:  Eating Allergy Checklist

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