December Holiday Budget

Do you find yourself flat broke every year after the holidays? Well, it’s a pretty common occurrence and for most people it can be very frustrating. The December Holiday Budget offers you a simple way to create a budget for the entire month of December. This will take into account your normal expenses and your extra holiday spending. It’s important to monitor all of this information if you want to stay ahead of the crowd and plan the perfect holiday on your terms this year. Download the free file below to get started creating your very own December Budget!

How to Use the December Holiday Budget

To begin, enter your entire monthly income into the first table, labeled “Monthly Income”. This section provides you with both a place for your main income and a space for any extra income you may be expecting. This can include anything from a spouse’s income to your holiday bonus.

The next step is pretty intuitive. The “Monthly Expenses” section is where you will enter every item you want to list for your purchases this month. Start with your recurring expenses, such as rent, mortgage, car payment, etc. Then you can enter your holiday expenses.

The Holiday Budget gives you some common examples of expenditures, but you can change these by clicking inside the cell and typing your new item. This way, you can include a space for gifts, party supplies, or anything else you might buy this year!

Once you have completed entering your items into these two tables, you’ll notice that the budget automatically calculates the total amount of your expenses as well as the difference between that figure and your income. You will also receive a helpful bar graph and percentage bar, located at the top of your screen.

Save your time and your wallet from needless spending this year!

Reasons to Use the December Holiday Budget

  • Multiple graphs for helpful overview
  • Convenient drop down menu for categories
  • Everything your need is on one simple tab
  • Track your holiday spending for the entire month of December!

    Download: December Holiday Budget

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