Comprehensive Goal Planning Workbook

To properly achieve your goals, big or small, you need a systematically structured formula to help you organize your goals and your life so they coincide. The Comprehensive Goal Planning Workbook is a useful tool that lays out the aim and reason behind your goals to keep you constantly motivated as you chart a path to success. Only with motivation will you have the tools to achieve your dreams, this template just helps focus that motivation and structures your schedule in such a way as to make the process a little easier. Remember to take small steps at first and work towards achievable goals. This way, you can build on a foundation of success!

Comprehensive Goal Planning Workbook Instruction Guide

To download the free Planning Workbook, simply click the line at the bottom of the screen, this will download the file directly to your computer.

The first step is actually highlighted in red. Enter the main focus of your goal in the “Aim” table. This will help you stay focused for the time-frame you specify. In the same table, list the measure you will take to make this goal into a reality. Finally, enter a realistic timeframe in which you believe you can achieve this realistic goal.

The next step helps you break down what you have stated in the “Aim” table even further. In the “Direct Cause Factors” table is where you will list in specific detail what you will do to stay consistent with the measure you have set. The Goal Planning template comes with a helpful example so you know exactly what to write.

Finally, the “Enabling Factors Identify” table is where you will list a more comprehensive way of achieving your “Cause factors”. This type of planning will coincide best with a calendar template (also available on this site).

When everything is entered and ready to go, simply click “File” and “Print” so you can have a physical copy of your Goal Planning sheet.

Now you have all the tools necessary to stay motived throughout your journey!

Download: Comprehensive Goal Planning Workbook

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