Deposit Ticket Template

The Microsoft deposit ticket template is the perfect time-saving tool for those who don’t enjoy wasting valuable time at the bank. The deposit ticket template can be downloaded instantly at absolutely no charge right here on this page. The template from Microsoft is just one of the hundreds of helpful tools that can be accessed for free here at!

Tips for Using the Microsoft Deposit Ticket Template

Using the deposit ticket template from Microsoft really could not be any easier. After downloading, the deposit ticket template opens as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Anyone with a basic understanding of Microsoft Office or Excel shouldn’t have any problems using the template. In the event you do, please use this page as a resource so that you can get the most out of the template.

The top of the template is not to be marked on, as indicated by the “Do not use this area” text in bold font. Directly below this area is where you will input your company’s name, address, city, state, zip code and phone number. It’s important to remember that you can fill out the deposit ticket template directly in Excel or you can print the tickets off and fill them in by hand, whichever works easiest for you.

After inputting the date, you will begin to total the amount of cash, coins and checks that will be included in the deposit. There is ample space to add as many as 23 checks to the deposit ticket template.

Once all of the financial information has been added to the template, you will see a total from the attached list. This total will be added to the vertical box that is shaded in purple. The final step in filling out the deposit ticket template is adding your account number, as well as the bank’s name, its city and state.

Save Time and Money with the Free Deposit Ticket Template

Finding ways to be more cost and time effective are goals of nearly every business owner or employee. With the Microsoft deposit ticket template, you can accomplish both of these goals and more! Download and print the deposit ticket template from Microsoft for free courtesy of now!

Download: Deposit Ticket Template

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