Commission Tracker Template

Commission Tracker Template

Are you someone that works and earns money based on the commission from your sales performance? Sometimes it can be stressful to know that your employer can make mistakes or maybe you are an employer and you simply want to track the commission your employees have earned. Either way, the free Commission Tracker Template is the perfect way to keep all this information organized and ready to go. The document has a simple list of monthly earnings that you can use to track commissions and try to hit specific sales targets that you can set up in this fully customizable document.

To keep track of your sales and commission today, just follow the set of instructions that has been conveniently provided for you below.

Getting Started with the Commission Tracker Template

Downloading the Commission Tracker Template is a snap. You can scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the link to start downloading.
At the top of the template, you can create your own goals for sales. Enter your annual sales target and the commission percentage payout that you or your employee is to receive.

Each month has a space for you to enter your expected sales, anticipated commission, commission earned, and commission received.

The first table, highlighted in blue, is for you to enter any holdbacks or advances that you received for those months, which will be deducted from your totals earned commission at the very bottom of the page.

The last column of each row will give you the total for that entire row as well. If you scroll to the last section of the page, you will see how much commission you earned and received for the entire year!

Back at the top of the page, the graph will display your YTD commission as well.

Download: Commission Tracker Template

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