Checklist for Tax Deductions

The Checklist for Tax Deductions is the best template when it comes to filing your itemized tax deduction this year. The simple template was designed to give the freedom to enter your tax information throughout the year as you please, giving you the power to update, add, and edit information when the situation calls for it. Usually, when using itemized deductions, it can be a nightmare when trying to file your taxes. This template just gives you a nice and neat space to enter all that information as it comes through the year and store it until you have to file. You can simplify your taxes this year by downloading the free template below.

How to use the Checklist for Tax Deductions

Quickly scroll down the page and view the various categories that are titled at the top of each table.

These tables are where you will enter your tax deductions, according to their category. You can change a header or an item by clicking inside the cell and writing something new.

Start in the first tables at the top of the page (or whichever one is relevant to your latest purchase/expense) and enter that expense in the table along with the cost.

The template will automatically take all the items you entered into each table and provide you with a total at the bottom of each table.

Once you have finished editing all the tables and entered your own items into each one, you can scroll down to review the final total at the bottom of the page. This is the grand accumulation of all your tax deductions entered.

Keeping track of your finances this year will be a synch as you enter each item as they come, instead of at the end of the year.

Why You Should Use the Checklist for Tax Deductions

  • Reusable for next year
  • Calculates totals automatically
  • Fully Customizable

Download: Checklist for Tax Deductions

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