Annual Financial Report

Free Annual Financial Report

Few things are more difficult in the operation of an organization that filling out the Annual Financial Report. Keeping track of all the different categories of finances and displaying them in an organized manner is vital for a business’s financial competency.

One easy way to complete a financial report is to use an Annual Financial Report template. An Annual Financial Report template allows the user to easily fill in essential information and is a valuable guide for both inexperienced and expert report creators.

How to Use an Annual Financial Report

  • Begin by downloading the template and saving it to your computer.
  • The template has three pages, “Financial Report”, “Financial Data Input”, and “Key Metric Settings”.
  • The first thing to do is actually on the “Key Metric” page. This page identifies the measurements you would like to keep track of. There are five default categories, but the user can add up to 25 categories to keep track of on the easy to customize template.
  • Once you’ve easily identified the categories you would like to keep track of, input the financial information on the “Financial Data Input” page.
  • Simply fill in the financial data on the template and it will automatically be transferred to the report. There are spaces for multiple years of data, and the form can be easily customized to fit the user’s needs.
  • Once the financial information is input, the report is generated automatically by the template. It’s that easy.

Tips for a More Effective Annual Financial Report

  • Save each year’s Financial Report as a separate file. This will allow your organization to go back and look at them if needed.
  • Print a hard copy of the report and put it in a file for safe keeping.
  • Experiment with the dropdown menus and form fields. The easy customization of the template makes it versatile enough for any organization.
  • Customize with gridlines by clicking on “Page Layout” and then “View” under gridlines. Gridlines can make the report easier to follow when data gets filled in.

An Annual Financial Report is an absolutely daunting task. Using a template can alleviate much of the work and provide vital information for all organizations.

Download: Annual Financial Report

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