Amortization Schedule Formula

Amortization Schedule Formula Free

Accountants already know about the value of amortization schedules. They have to run the schedules at year end to make sure the interest expense reported on the tax return has been calculated correctly, and they have to make sure the current vs. long-term debt is allocated right. Many hours have been spent by many accountants calculating interest, current year payments and remaining balances. Now there is a free, downloadable form with the amortization schedule formula built right in. Everyone can download the form. Even if you just want to do some “what ifs”, this form is easy to use and gives quick answers. Download it here, for free.

Benefits of the Amortization Schedule Formula Template

So why would you want an amortization schedule formula template?

Let’s say you are thinking about buying a car. You want to know how much the payments will be with different scenarios. In one scenario you want to put $2,000 down and finance the remaining $10,000 and pay it all back within three years. You know interest rates are around 5 percent. How much will your monthly payments be? What if you only want to finance $8,500? How about if you want to pay the loan off in two years and not three? Maybe interest rates have gone up and now you will be charged 6 percent. With this free, downloadable form, that has amortization schedule formulas built in, you can quickly and very easily run all those different schedules.

How to Use the Amortization Schedule Formula Template

Download the free form that has the amortization schedule formula built in. Then follow the simple instructions and enter your data in the shaded areas under the heading ENTER VALUES. When the schedule has calculated, using the programmed amortization schedule formula, you can print the relevant area so you have a hard copy for comparison.

The free schedule is downloadable from this web site. The amortization schedule formula is already written for you. All you have to do is download the form, enter your data and instantly see the results. Download your free schedule here and try it out.

Download: Amortization Schedule Formula

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