Holiday E Card

Holiday E Card Template

Are you looking for an easy to use and send holiday E card? Check out our complimentary holiday E card template from Microsoft. It is simple yet elegant. The holiday E card is easily customizable. Download the holiday E car template for free right here today!

Customizing Your Holiday E Card

How do you customize your Holiday E Card? Follow these easy instructions:

The letters and words on the holiday E card can be customized. Simply highlight the words that you wish to work with. For example, if you wanted to change “Happy Holidays”, you would click and drag your mouse over those words to highlight them. In the menu at the top of the page, you can change the color and size of the font and freely customize the words.

You can add your company logo to the center of card by clicking on its box. This will allow you to insert a photo or customized logo. If you do wish to add a logo or picture simply click on the icon and press delete.

Pictures and clip art can be deleted or replaced by clicking on each piece individually and using the top menu for customization. You can choose to use pictures that you have downloaded from the internet or clip art from within Microsoft Office. If you choose to use download clip art, click on the icon you wish to change. In the upper menu choose the “insert” tab. Now you can choose to insert a picture, clip art, screenshot, or a photo from a photo album.

If you click on picture, you will be taken to dialog box that will allow you to search for a picture or photo on your computer hard drive. Browse through your folders until you locate the picture you want. You can create a folder on your desktop and add the pictures that you intend to use for the project. This makes browsing for pictures a lot easier. Once you find the picture you wish to use, click on it. The file name will appear in the “file name” box. Now click the insert button at the bottom of the dialog box. Your picture should appear on the card. You can then click on the circles around your picture to adjust its size. You can also drag the picture to any point on the card by clicking, holding and dragging.

This holiday E Card can be easily customized for any company, group, or person. Download the free holiday E card template from Microsoft for free today!

Download: Holiday E Card

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