How to Put a Password on your Excel Document

Password Protecting Excel

How to add Password Protection to your Excel documents

For business or sensitive information, it’s important to password product your individual Excel document. Here you can learn how to put a password on your Excel document to protect it.

Password protection in Excel is different for versions before Excel 2010, and we will cover both here. To encrypt spreadsheets in versions previous to 2010, begin by clicking the “Office” button. Go to “Prepare” and choose “Encrypt Document”.

After you choose Encrypt, a dialog box is going to pop up. Decide on a fairly strong password. Type it in and click OK. A new dialog will pop up, asking you to confirm your password.

Password Protecting Excel

The steps differ for versions later than Excel 2010. Follow these steps to password protect your documents in versions over 2010.

Select “File”,  then click “Save As” in the ribbon. Next to the Save button is a Tools menu. Click “Tools”, then click on “General Options”.

Password Protection on Excel

Input a password to protect your Excel document in the dialog box. A password will now be required each time you open this document.

password protection

Excel will ask you for the password a few more times to complete the process. Congratulations! You now have a protected Excel document!

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