Earnings Calendar

Copy of the earnings calender.

An earnings calendar is defined as the schedule according to which publicly-traded companies will announce the money they have earned over a certain period. These periods generally are either quarters or entire years. An earning calendar will organize these announcements by the company and the date the company plans to announce its earnings.

Some calendars may provide a listing of all the companies that are planning to reveal their earnings in alphabetical order on a certain date. Calendars may also indicate a time and a manner in which the announcement will be made. Investor convenience is the main purpose of the calendars.Copy of the earnings calendar

Many times, earnings will be reported during what is known as an “Earnings Call.” During these calls, a company will hold a teleconference to discuss the earnings of a predetermined period. According to the National Investor Relations Institute, over 90% of companies that are represented by their members hold earnings calls at some point during the year. Transcripts of the calls are generally available, and nearly all calls today are broadcast online.

Filling out the Earnings Calendar Template

With the template featured on this site, you can create your own customized calendar with the stocks and investments you care about. The template is broken down into eight categories:

  • Stock Name
  • Sector
  • Report Date
  • Report Time
  • EPS Estimate
  • Change in Estimate
  • Average Change on Report Day
  • Average Absolute Change on Report Date


You will begin filling out the template by placing the abbreviation for the stock in the stock name column. Next, you will input what sector the stock is in.  This could be health care, financials, materials, etc. The next step is to type in or write down the date the earnings will be reported and what time of day it will take place.

The financial information, such as average percentage change on report day and average absolute change on report day, will be entered after the earnings report has been released. This calendar can easily be printed off and used throughout the year. It can also be customized to reflect the information that is most important to you.

Download: Earnings Calendar

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