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For decades, working folks around the United States have been filling out time cards. While some companies have gone the way of online time keeping, paper or manual time cards are still the choice of many businesses around the nation. Because of our busy schedules, errors can be made and there are times where folks are not fully compensated for all the hours they worked. A time card calculator Excel template will eliminate these mistakes and make sure you receive the money you deserve.time card calculator excel

Time Card Calculator Excel: Benefits of the Calculator

With a calculator for an office time card, gone are the days of doing the math on paper or in your head. A calculator will help you avoid errors and make sure every second, minute, hour and day you worked is accounted for.

The calculator will also ensure that you report all of the hours you put in to your superiors, and you will not be held responsible for any errors that may be made after the time card is submitted. Conversely, those in a position of power can trace back any future errors to those who handled the time card after it has been submitted.

Time Card Calculator Excel: Using the Calculator

Using our calculator for you time card could not be easier. To start, simply add your name to the top of the template and how much you make on an hourly basis. Next, find the day you worked with the corresponding day or days on the template. For example, if your week started on a Monday, place the time you began your shift in the “Report In” field and the time you left in the “Report Out” field.

The template will calculate the number of hours you worked automatically. It will also automatically report to you how much you made during your shift before taxes and other deductions. This process can be repeated daily throughout the course of a work week, or the entire time card could be filled in at the end of the work week. At the end of the week, the total number of hours worked and the total pre-tax compensation will be revealed automatically in the “Total” field.

Download: Time Card Calculator

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