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Planning for home energy expenditures can be difficult, especially with rising utility and gas costs. Buying home energy savings devices helps. Another way to project savings is to calculate energy savings using this free energy calculator template. It allows for calculating energy savings on home devices when purchasing Energy Star rated products. This free, downloadable template allows individuals to calculate the amount of savings each year on home devices, to set goals regarding how much energy they want to spend annually, and how to reduce the amount of time appliances are switched on, but left unused.

Using the Energy Calculator for Projecting Savings

  • To begin using the energy calculator first take a look at the electrical bill. The electrical bill will state the average cost of electricity. Use this to determine the projected savings.
  • Input the average cost of electricity into the energy calculator on the green space, on line 7. The average cost of electricity will also be the kilowatt per hour or KWH.
  • Once the average cost of electricity is input, think about the home electronics, and devices in the home. It might be best to make a list of them, and gather their manuals to determine their power consumption or watts per hour used. This is particularly important when switching from regular devices to energy saving devices. This allows individuals to calculate comparisons between what they have been paying, and what they will now save.

Customizing and Calculating Energy Savings

  • Beginning on line 21 list all appliances in the home on the energy saving template. Do this by deleting those already listed on the template and listing those in the home. List the watts and hours used according to the manual.
  • Individuals will not have to calculate the cost. This will be automatically calculated after inputting the watts and hours used. The cost per year will be automatically projected.
  • If the total on the energy calculator template did not meet desired yearly savings think of other energy savings devices or appliances that can be added to the home to reduce energy expenditures. Add these devices to the list, and recalculate the energy usage to meet yearly energy saving goals.

Download: Energy Calculator

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