Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template

Time waits for no man or woman, and this is especially true for teachers. In a workplace where time periods are marked by the sound of a bell, it is critical to stay organized. A lesson plan template can help teachers accomplish this mission. This template is instantly downloadable and available for free below. Also below are a few tips for teachers to make lesson planning an organized process in conjunction with the Excel template.

Tips for Using a Lesson Plan Template

How would you like to easily remember the material you taught, the resources you used and your assessment methods for every lesson and lecture this year? Even the sharpest mind can’t remember it all. However, using a lesson plan Excel template provides tons of advantages. It provides the same format for planning all lessons, making lesson planning a quicker process. It allows you to reflect after teaching and make notes for the future.

Does your lesson plan require technology – such as an iPod, DVD player or other materials that are not typically in your classroom? Consider your resources and how you will make your ideal lesson plan happen. Create a back-up plan in case the interactive whiteboard doesn’t work or the CD is scratched. Consider people as a resource too: consider how often you plan assignments with a partner or in small groups.

It’s tempting to delay grading papers, but daily grading is preferable. It prevents a larger stack from forming while giving valuable information about student progress. When a student is performing below the level of his or her peers, daily grading reveals this in time to help the student. At the opposite spectrum, if a student shows advanced progress, grading daily will provide the teacher with time to think about how to provide more challenging work.

Another important and helpful tip is that at the start of the year, make a general plan with important deadlines or dates relevant to your content area. Time waits for no man or woman, and this is especially true for teachers.

Download: Lesson Plan Template

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