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Free Homeschool Report Card

Homeschooling can be a very good way to give your child a great education, and it can allow a parent to spend more time with them. However, it is important to give your children a homeschool report card. This is because it can allow a child to track their progress, and it can also give them a good sense of reward when they get good grades. A homeschool report card will also allow for a child to have a GPA, which will allow for them to fill in that information on job applications. This homeschool report card is free to download, and it can be customized to reflect your child’s curriculum. It is also very professional looking.

The Homeschool Report Card Template is Customizable

One of the best things about this homeschool report card template is that it is possible to customize it to reflect the exact curriculum of your students. This is important as you may be teaching your children classes that are not normally found in traditional schools. It will also allow you to write down the exact nature of the course your child was taking. This will allow persons to know that you child was taught about things like chemistry, British lit, and drafting.

It is even possible to include things a section that shows your child’s citizenship rankings. It is possible to include a lot of information on the template, and you can format it so it shows what kinds of books your child read, their contact information, and the names of the persons who taught them.

The Professional Homeschool Report Card Template

Another great thing about this template is that it looks exceptionally professional. The template automatically adds up all of the grades, which allow for you to show your child’s GPA. It is even able to keep track of their GPA over the course of years. This homeschool report card also comes with lines that allow for the template to be easily read, and it is formatted to make it so a person can easily read this homeschool report card at a glance.

Download: Homeschool Report Card

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