Certificate of Excellence Template

The certificate of excellence template

An Easy to Use Certificate of Excellence Template

If someone at your work has done an exceptional job and they deserve an award to symbolize the companies appreciation there is a Certificate of Excellence Template available for download on this page for free. It is genuinely easy to use and fully customizable. Here is an explanation of how to use the template and a couple of tips to make it work even better.

How to Use the Certificate of Excellence Template

When you open the file provided here, it will load in any PowerPoint 2003 compatible software. The first step in the process is changing the place that the document has [Company Name] with your award giving company’s name. The [Project Name] can be swapped with something that finishes the statement above it about performance. The date can be added where the date is below that. At the very bottom on the left side you can enter the name of the presenter of the award and their title. At this point you should save your Certificate of Excellence Template and continue on to the tips for more information.

Tips for Using the Certificate of Excellence Template

When you save this file, you can make new changes to the name for multiple individuals quickly and efficiently. If you would like, you could change the “CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE” at the top to another award. The for outstanding performance and contributions in can be changed to something that explains why the award was given. The project name could be a different award name that reflects what you changed the above statement to. Make sure to have the presenter sign above his typed name before the awards ceremony. You could even quickly and easily add a picture to the right side like a trophy or ribbon.

If you have a good employee that needs recognition, then you should try out the Certificate of Excellence Template to make them a professional looking little thank you. It is free to download below and is so easy to use. Customize it to suit your company and the given situation with this versatile template.

Download: Certificate of Excellence Template

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