Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet

Free Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet

One of the most time consuming parts of planning your wedding will be coming up with the final list of the people you want to invite and organizing all of those addresses and other information. Using a wedding guest list spreadsheet can simplify everything, and help you stay organized, keeping all of that information in one easy to manage spot.

Customizing the Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet

With this easy-to-use spreadsheet you can keep track of all of the information you need to know in correlation with each wedding invitation you send. The spreadsheet is free of charge and it’s easy to customize. Everyone is different, so be sure to set it up to give you exactly the information you want.

To set up your spreadsheet:

  1. Enter the name of the person, or party, each wedding invitation is addressed to and their address.
  2. Decide what other information you would like to keep track of. Label those columns on the easy-to-use wedding guest list spreadsheet. Include things such as how many people will be included in their party and what they chose for dinner so you can give accurate numbers to the caterer. You might want to include a column to note the gift they gave you, and finally, log in the date you sent out the thank you.

How to Use the Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet Information

By breaking down the data on the wedding guest list spreadsheet, you will have most of the important information for your wedding day right at your fingertips, as well as a running total on all sorts of categories as information comes in.

You will be able to learn the following by using this important organizational tool:

  1. How many invitation you will need to order
  2. The number needed of each entrĂ©e’ offering (if you offer more than one)
  3. How many Thank You cards you need (as well as how many you’ve sent, and have yet to send).

When you are planning your wedding there is an unfathomable amount of information to keep track of. By using a tool such as the wedding guest list spreadsheet, you can simplify at least one important part of the event.

Download: Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet

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