Wedding Address Labels

Free Wedding Address Labels

The news is out that you’re getting married; you’ve already begun planning; but now it’s time to start sending out the invitations. Remember that each person at your wedding is going to receive one of these fine invitations – so you want them to be attractive. Wedding address labels are the sole element of a wedding that genuinely tells the guests that they are wanted. With the Microsoft template, you will be completely satisfied when you get ready to send out those invitations in the mail.

Why You Should Choose Microsoft Wedding Address Labels

When everything else has been stressful, take the opportunity to ease your wedding planning process (without you having to dish out more money); therefore, the template is completely free to download on this page, it is customizable to match your wedding’s style, and you’ll find it easy to use. Instead of having to worry about constructing your own wedding address labels, use the free template instead and save yourself some extra time to focus on your spouse-to-be.

How to Use Microsoft Wedding Address Labels

With the option to customize the free wedding address labels, it makes the process all the more easier. For your convenience, here are a few basic steps to help you get started with our template below:

  • Fill in the customizable information (name, address, etc.) and click save.
  • Determine which color schemes you find most desirable and click save another time.
  • Finally, print the sheets (approx. 30 per page) and add to your invitations.


We take pride in providing you with an easy and simple set-up for quality products. We understand that the special day should be perfect and that is why our template will not disappoint – because we have you and your wedding in mind.

Avoid the stress and anxiety of shopping around for address labels that don’t completely parallel your wedding’s theme; download the free, customizable wedding address labels today and warmly welcome each and every one of your guests to that special occasion.

Download: Wedding Address Labels

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